Mini-Interview with The Plastic Day

The Plastic Day
So I know there is already relatively much written about The Plastic Day in English, but I didn’t realize that when asking for a small interview for Indieful ROK. Of course the band is awesome enough to make it worthwhile anyway, so here’s a few questions answered by the band’s vocalist, Sun Ho:

Who are The Plastic Day?
The Plastic Day is a peaceful demolitionist against this boring plastic world.
The Plastic Day is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Sun Ho, bassist Ho Seong, and drummer Yun Beom, we are came together in late 2006. We three are all in same age of 26, live in Seoul, Korea

What would you say is the strong point of your music?
I would say our music is at least honest. It’s from our heart and soul not just from our skill playing instrument. So that people can more focus on themselves while they listen the plastic day. If we are just taken in only by too many sweet words and the computerized sounds which of cause seems perfect, there is no more imagination for further. I want to make us to dream again

To My Every Journey at the very end of 30 Seconds Between The Dreamer and The Realist is quite the contrast to every other song of the album with its fairly melancholic piano. Is there any particular story behind it?
I know it may seems like a little surprise for this album but it’s also my song from my heart has so many emotions.

Your album will be made available to an international audience through iTunes – do you have any other plans to reach outside of Korea?
I will try but I’m not sure.
Sometimes I feel like I want it, sometimes I don’t.
It’s like my song I miss me myself says “I want a quiet life”. When it comes to money or business, I’m lost but I really love to meet audience in other countries. Actually some of my friends are planning the gig in Tokyo lately.

And don’t forget that The Plastic Day has a MySpace page where 6 of the songs from last week’s album debut can be sampled!

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