Jellyboy’s Favorite Albums 2014

I typically disapprove of making year-end lists before the year in question is actually over since especially excellent December releases tend to be left out of them, but I forgot all about that in my enthusiasm to revive one of my favorite features of Indieful ROK in the past: letting my favorite musicians list some of their favorite releases.

Kim Daeinn is not just the bassist in one of my very favorite bands, Apollo 18. He’s also got several other projects, including Atmo that will be playing a couple of shows in Seoul during the days to come, and has crafted excellent tunes all by himself, usually under the moniker jellyboy. He also does the occasional scores and music director work, throughout showing a great sense of music.

The last time Kim Daeinn listed his album picks for Indieful ROK was in 2010. The following are his Korean and international picks from 2014:

Rukh – Escape From Reality


They are a new post-rock band, and I produced the album. They will grow and become big.



Diealright – Satellite


The vocalist from MSD (Midnight Smoking Drive), this is her new band.
They’re very good. I hope to see them on a big festival in 2015.



Tycho – Awake


I didn’t know about this band until now.
This album is very comfortable and relaxing.
The sound is really good. I love it.


Aphex Twin – Syro


He is still strong and unique. Always good.


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