Tengger Starts 2015 in Europe

Looking to Europe 2014 was the so far best year ever when it comes to opportunities to catching Korean indie bands live–only looking to December no less than 3 Korean bands were touring the continent. But whereas The Solutions and Jambinai have already headed home, Tengger has stayed and will continue to tour Europe until mid-January, 2015.

Married couple itta and Marqido have toured Europe previously as the unit 10, but this is the first time the couple tours EU countries as Tengger. Accompanying them on the tour is their son Raai, who at 2 years of age already is a performer himself.



Whereas itta can rightfully be described as an avant-garde musician and Marqido is accomplished in the field of noise, Tengger is described as an electronic psychedelic musical duo.

The tour has already taken the family to Portugal and Spain. An improvisation session together with Portuguese producer Armando Teixeira was recorded in Lisbon.


For January, so far 4 official dates have been announced:

January 3 РReykjavík, Iceland @ Mengi
January 7 – London, UK @ Redchurch Taproom
January 9 – Berlin, Germany @ Loophole
January 10 – Berlin, Germany @ Madame Claude

Tengger will remain in Europe until January 17, so with a bit of luck additional dates may be added. All dates so far have been added to IROK’s event calendar.

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