Hello Rookies of August 2014 Announced

The Hello Rookie auditions of this year have been going on for a few months now. As the auditions are preparations for participation on the monthly Hello Rookie episodes of EBS Space 공감, the winners are selected a month in advance meaning that already now in July we find out which bands have been named Hello Rookie for August.


Hello Rookie Candidates, August 2014

For August the 7 bands selected to take part in the live audition were the following: shoegazers UHF, rock’n’roll bands The Roosters and Pavlov, garage rock band Les Sales, the britrock influenced Lowfeels, indie rock band MAN and heavy rock band Messgram. The audition in question took place on July 7th with Pavlov and The Roosters named as winners. Additionally Man got picked as a wildcard for the finals later this year next month’s live auditions.



Mixing all sorts of rock in a loud, engaging way, Pavlov released debut EP 반드시 크게 들을 것 in 2008 with opening track “암사자” being picked for the Music Alliance Pact a few months later. Six years later, Pavlov put out first full-length album 26 in May and it has appears to have been well received among fans and critics alike.


The Roosters

With a preference for “old” rock from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, the four members of The Roosters put out their first digital single Take Me Away in 2012. The band followed up with EP Ret’s ooR in May this year, the recording of which could be tracked via Musicking.



MAN formed in November 2013 and has been actively playing since January this year. Although a young band–certainly the most rookie band out of all up for the Hello Rookie title this month–MAN has already gained some favorable attention and appeared as guest during a Rock’n’Roll Radio show at Sangsang Madang last month.


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