MUST Era Of The Band Episode 7 : Semi-Final

It’ll be another while before we get to see the final episode of MUST Era Of The Band, so until then here’s what our commentary panel had to say about the final, broadcast on July 2nd. This time I was joined by Lightinthemind of Korean Rock is Real and Youngmi of Dream, Girl in sharing opinions. Watch the episode yourself through Mnet’s free VOD service.


In the semi-final of MUST Era Of The Band we get to see the winners from all three previous episodes one more time: Daybreak, Romantic Punch, Galaxy Express, Rose Motel, 3rd Line Butterfly and Broken Valentine. This time the bands will all be playing their own songs with the winner from each duel moving on to the final.


1Round: Romantic Punch vs. Broken Valentine

Anna: Nobody wants to face Romantic Punch. This seems like the perfect match to me though – both with fairly sizeable fan groups.

Lightinthemind: Ha! I understand that foxy face of Yoon Do Hyun! To put RoPun and Broken Valentine face to face is to get an interesting show.

Youngmi: Broken Valentine’s Ansu quickly defines the differences between the two groups (both the music and the members’ personalities) and it’s hilarious.

Romantic Punch – “몽유병”

Anna: It’s beautiful how the audience can sing along so well from the start! It is a great song, and even though the performance is far from as elaborate as the one that got them here it is clear that the members of Romantic Punch know how to entertain an audience. I especially like it when Bae In Hyuk lets the mic slide over the long leg of the stage, then lies down and sings into it. The other bands did well to fear

Lightinthemind: I should say that here they showed true Romantic Punch performance with crazy jumps, standing on the piano and running all over the stage. I still can’t understand how Bae In Hyuk manages to sing and move that fast at once. And also, just a funny fact – you really need to be very-very strong to jump like that in ‘new rocks’, each boot weighs around 2 kilos))

Youngmi: I really like this song actually and In Hyuk is dressed a lot like some other crazy fashionista rocker I know (Lee Hyuk of Wiretap in my Ear anyone?). Romantic Punch did say their biggest influence was Wiretap in my Ear so I guess that’s to be expected. What’s also to be expected, is Romantic Punch’s ability to put on a show! Man, what an exciting performance.

Broken Valentine – “Answer Me”

Anna: And they got the strings on stage! At first I thought it a poor song choice, but I’m a sucker for the combination of strings and rock so I’m eating this right up. Cheesy, yet delicious. Having the lyric on screen doesn’t really help the song all that much when it comes to the lines in English– ‘Answer me now if you really have red blood’?

Lightinthemind: Those cute girls really bring a sort of weird contrast to the rockers, but I like that feeling. What I can say – is that I agree with Scott. Why do they control their power so much? I was waiting for the fountain of pure rock during the whole performance but had a feeling that they played half steam. They were able to make theaudience insane but they only teased. And now even his bare skin is not helping!

Youngmi: Ah, I love the inclusion of the orchestra too! This is Broken Valentine’s go-to song to show all that energy, but somehow this fell a little flat. They still manage to look and sound so cool though. Van should’ve taken the entire jacket off I’m sure it would’ve helped them gain a few more votes!


Romantic Punch: 279
Broken Valentine: 217

Anna: As much as I enjoyed the string version of “Answer Me” Romantic Punch did offer the more entertaining performance by far. The other bands did well to fear going up against them. Only 4 people didn’t vote this time – that’s the best turnout we’ve seen on this show!

Lightinthemind: RoPun deserve it but I’m disappointed with such low points for Broken Valentine.

Youngmi: Ah, Romantic Punch seems like a frontrunner to win this thing.


2Round: 3rd Line Butterfly vs. Galaxy Express

Anna: Oh no! That means that only two of my favorites for the final will be able to make it. 3rd Line Butterfly already went up against Galaxy Express and lost during episode 3, so this time they’re bringing out the big guns with the song that got them Song of the Year at the Korean Music Awards this year.

Youngmi: I’m with Anna on this one. This matchup is sucky! Also, I love how confident Galaxy Express is about everything they do. They don’t care about anyone else and that’s how true rock and roll should be! Ugh, something about that is so attractive (Sigh, please excuse the fan girl).

3rd Line Butterfly – “헤어지는날 바로 오늘”

Anna:  I see Jane Ha and her cello! Seems like we’ll be getting an all new arrangement. But then it’s not all that different after all. Still nice and all, but I worry that in comparison with the energy that Galaxy are about to bring this song – as awesome as it is – is too slow for too long. Oh! And Sung Kiwan brings out a bow for his guitar there for a while, with the entire band going into experimental noise mode. Nice! I’m still not convinced this is the way for them to come winning out of this, but it is a great performance and I just love the part where things start falling from the ceiling.

Lightinthemind: High quality music and performance but maybe it is because of the two previous energetic performances that I’m not that impressed now. The noise part was good but if only they could’ve mixed it with the entire line that’d be better.

Youngmi: I remember being so infatuated with Dreamtalk when it first came out. I listened to that album for at least three months straight. This performance is so haunting and by the end I found myself in tears. I was a fan before this show, but my respect for 3rd Line Butterfly has definitely grown.

Galaxy Express – “호롱불”

Anna: Park Jong Hyun screaming into the guitar to create noise before the song starts – that’s new! While I’m not a huge fan of this particular song, it is so defining of Galaxy Express I can’t help but enjoy it anyway. The audience looks super excited as was this the final number of a rock festival. Very well done!

Lightinthemind: Guys are just guys (those are fan’s words but I just can’t stop smiling watching their performance). Also I like the visual arrangement made for GE, nothing suits them better than TV screens with black/white videos. But who can explain to me why they are standing on the carpets in ‘Russian style’? Were the producers afraid that they would destroy the floor once again?

Youngmi: I think this is Ju-Hyun’s favorite song on their latest album! Anyways, I too think this proves exactly what kind of band Galaxy Express is. Straightforward, high energy and black leather jackets. Badass.


3rd Line Butterfly: 236
Galaxy Express: 254

Anna: Congratulations, Galaxy!

Lightinthemind: Yay!

Youngmi: I will always love you, Galaxy Express!!


3Round: Daybreak vs. Rose Motel

Anna: Very cute battle going on there on stage!

Lightinthemind: Oh, classy battle!

Youngmi: I somehow knew they would be going against each other!

Daybreak – “좋다”

Anna: More strings! This is one of those songs, that even though it’s Daybreak (and as you all know, I’m not quite a fan) it’s one of those songs I’ve heard so much I can’t help but get sort of excited by it. Once the strings are gone this sounds like a sort of interesting arrangement with the 80’s style synth. Not enough to keep my attention all the way through, but considering it’s my reaction to Daybreak we’re talking about it’s still quite the achievement.

Lightinthemind: For me it is the first time to hear this song as it is very difficult to make me listen to this band. All that I can say is that it is enjoyable sweet and lovely.

Youngmi: Ahh, what is this? Daybreak seems to be going for the more emotional approach this time around. The words on the screen are pretty inspiring. I think this is one of the two Daybreak songs I know and well, despite my personal feelings about Daybreak, they did a pretty decent job. (This makes us all look like Daybreak antis! lol)

Rose Motel – “부비부비”

Anna: If it’s supposed to be their primary weapon, shouldn’t they be performing “봉숙이”? Overall I’m not that entertained until the song picks up and the girl from the bed gets up to dance a bit with the rest.

Lightinthemind: They have more good songs! Why this? I listened to their full-length and there are some awesome compositions. And of course they could have performed “봉숙이” but maybe they are already tired of it? Don’t know. Anyway, the song wasn’t that suitable for the show until the rock’n’roll switch with energetic dances. But still I feel unsatisfied.

Youngmi: I was expecting a smoldering, explicit performance of “봉숙이”, not this particular song lol. I was just laughing throughout this performance because of how ridiculous it is. The beds and the girls. Ahahahaha


Daybreak: 265
Rose Motel:  224

Anna: Rose Motel was surprisingly similar to the usual Daybreak this time. And surprisingly I’m supporting Daybreak rather than Rose Motel this time. This final could get quite interesting!

Lightinthemind: I was sure about the result though. As YB said Daybreak have ticket power so nothing to be surprised here.

Youngmi: Annnnd Daybreak wins.

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