Hello Rookies of August 2013 Announced

July has barely gotten started, but sticking to the early audition schedule the Hello Rookie bands of August this year have already been selected through a live audition on July 1st. Indie pop trio Roundheads tried out yet another time and finally came out a winner of both the title and 1,000,000 won, just like indie rock band The Lads. The two acts faced competition from Cacti, The Lads, Hyangni, Dabda and Litter. Although Moonwhales had qualified for the live auditions they did not compete.

Roundheads released a self-titled album in May with a generous amount of complete samples on YouTube. Here is “내일 만나자 (See You Tomorrow)”:


The Lads released first EP 청춘 beginning of June. Learn more on the band through our interview from earlier this year. Here’s a recent performance of “해마를 보았다”:

Via: Hello Rookie 1, 2, 3

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