New from Lips Bite, WHOwho and Yellow Monsters for Greenplugged

This year’s edition of the Greenplugged Festival will take place between May 17th-18th. The third line-up announcement was made on April 12th, and the same day the first three songs from this year’s Greenplugged Ombinbus Album Sum∞ debuted online. This is the third year that Greenplugged put out their own compilation, and just like previous years the participating artists have contributed previously unreleased songs.

The songs already revealed come from Lips Bite, WHOwho and Yellow Monsters. Once the full compilation is released on May 6th seven more new songs from Sugarbowl, 9 and the Numbers, Eastern Sidekick, Bye Bye Badman, Rubystar, Rock’n’Roll Radio and Mintgray will be out.

Lips Bite’s new “같은 호흡 (Same Hope)” can be heard in the third GPS2013 line-up announcement video:


WHOwho performed their new Greenplugged song “Down Below” during the Greenplugged sponsored Hongdae Promenade at Rolling Hall yesterday:

Via: Bugs Music; Greenplugged

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