Mary Story Return with Second Album

After a well-received debut album in 2007, little was heard from modern rock band Mary Story. Last year the band members tried their luck on band survival show Top Band 2, but failed to make it through the initial Triple Tournaments. Still strong in spirit, the band has continued performing around Hongdae over the last year and yesterday, April 12th, Mary Story had second full-length album Lovesick released online. The offline release of Lovesick is scheduled to April 15th and comes with 2 bonus tracks.

Album lead track “It’s You” has been frequently performed over the last couple of years:


Here is a recent performance of “사랑해 널”:


An older performance of “내 이름 불러봐”:


Here is a performance of “Lemon (레몬)” from December last year:


And from August, here’s “너를 위해서”:

Via: Hyang Music; Bugs Music

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