Sunwoo Jung-Ah Returns with It’s Okay, Dear

During the six and a half years since the release of debut album Masstige, singer-songwriter and jazz vocalist Sunwoo Jung-Ah has not only been performing her own songs, but also contributed to a bunch of soundtracks and produced songs for 2NE1 and GD&TOP. On April 2nd she’s finally ready to release second album It’s Okay, Dear.

Leading up to the release two digital singles have been released: 당신을 파괴하는 순간 in February and 주인공의 노래 in March. The songs with the same titles are included on the album, as is a cover of Joe Cocker‘s “You Are So Beautiful“.

A teaser video for “당신을 파괴하는 순간 (The Moment When I Destroy You)” came out when the single was released:


To celebrate 100 likes on the Sunwoo Jung-Ah Facebook page a special live video for the same song was uploaded to MagicStrawberry Sound’s YouTube channel:


A teaser video for the jazzy “주인공의 노래 (Song of Hero)” came out when that single was released:


Sunwoo Jung-Ah has also been performing some of the songs from the new album around different Seoul venues for the last few months. Here’s “뱁새” at Evans Lounge back in February:


Here’s “알 수 없는 작곡가” at Pink Moon in November:


Here’s “Workaholic” at Rollercoaster in February:


And here’s “비온다” at Freebird in October:

Via: Sunwoo Jung-A; MagicStrawberry Sound; Hyang Music, Bugs Music 1, 2

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