Nominees for 12th Korean Music Awards

The nominees for the 12th annual Korean Music Awards were announced today at 11am, KST. The Korean Music Awards do not take sales into consideration and the winners are determined by a panel of music critics and industry experts, making it a Korean version of the Grammy’s. This year the ceremony will take place on February 26th.



Album of the Year

  • 9 and the Numbers보물섬 (Treasure Island)
  • Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon비밀 (Secret)
  • Danpyunsun and the Sailors동물 (Animal)
  • Loro’sW.A.N.D.Y
  • HwajiEat

Song of the Year

Artist of the Year

  • Danpyunsun and the Sailors
  • Seo Tai Ji
  • Lee Seung Hwan
  • Wonsool Lee
  • Gonne Choi

Rookie of the Year

  • Crush
  • Kwon Tree
  • Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon
  • The Barberettes
  • Akdong Musician


Best Rock Album

  • Guckkasten – Frame
  • Danpyunsun and the Sailors – 동물 (Animal)
  • Asian Chairshot – Horizon
  • Unchained – 가시
  • Hollow Jan – Day Off

Best Rock Song


Best Modern Rock Album

  • 9 and the Numbers – 보물섬 (Treasure Island)
  • Glittering Blackness, Fall – Untitled [2nd]
  • Nunco – Skyland
  • Loro’s – W.A.N.D.Y
  • Ironic Hue – For Melting Steel

Best Modern Rock Song


Best Folk Album

  • Kwon Tree- 그림
  • Kim Sawol X Kim Haewon – 비밀 (Secret)
  • Big Baby Driver – A Story of a Boring Monkey and a Baby Girl
  • Siwa – 머무름 없이 이어지다
  • Gonne Choi – I was, I am, I will

Best Folk Song


Best Pop Album

  • Kyo – Spade One
  • Lalasweet – 너의 세계
  • The Barberettes – 바버렛츠 소곡집 #1
  • Akdong Musician – Play
  • Lee Seung Hwan – Fall To Fly 前

Best Pop Song


Best Dance & Electronic Album

  • Heo – Structure
  • Idiotape – Tours
  • WYM – After Moon
  • LudiSTELO – Experience
  • saram12saram – 빗물구름태풍태양 (Raindrop Cloud Typhoon and the Sun)
  • Infinite – Season2

Best Dance & Electronic Song


Best Rap & Hip-Hop Album

  • B-Free – Korean Dream
  • Vasco – Code Name: 187
  • Jerry.k – 현실, 적
  • Chaboom – Original
  • Hwaji – Eat

Best Rap & Hip-Hop Song


Best R&B & Soul Album

  • Crush – Crush on You
  • Ra.D – Soundz
  • Jay Park – Evolution
  • Alshain – Natural Hi-Fi
  • TaeWan – As I Am

Best R&B & Soul Song


Best Jazz Album

  • Ju Hwan Kim – Tranquility
  • Youngjoo Song – Between
  • Sunny Kim & Ben Monder – The Shining Sea
  • Sunji Lee – The Night of the Border
  • Wonsool Lee – Into the Time
  • Trio Closer – Coexistence

Best Crossover Album

  • Park Woojae – Extension
  • Se:um – Se:um
  • su:m – su:m 2nd
  • Jung Mina – 사람의 순간
  • Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil – 바리abandoned

Best Jazz & Crossover Performance

  • Sjq – Sjq
  • Kim Chang Hyun – 망각(忘却)
  • Se:um – Se:um
  • Sunji Lee – The Night of the Border
  • Trio Closer – Coexistence

All the nominated artists are eligible to win one of the Netizens’ Choice awards. Voting for Male Artist, Female Artist, and Group is ongoing bu requires a Daum account. The voting will be closed on February 22nd.

1 Comment Nominees for 12th Korean Music Awards

  1. taintedmemory

    Excited to see ludiStelo and the barberettes, and I dont know if I agree with infinite and jay park being in mix but glad to see akmu and ha:tfelt are getting props for their hard work they are amazing artists in their own right even if they are apart of the big 3. I havent heard seotaji`s album but I was never a fan of his voice so not going to. Gukkasten`s album was great, I hadnt really paid much attention to trio closer but I am glad to have a new artist in my playlist. Perdiction wise I actually dont know, there are a great group of nominees. I am rooting for vasco epik high crush the barberettes and ludiStelo but will be happy for whoever wins.


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