Modsdive Album Debut with The Stasis of Humanity

A year after forming, post-rock band Modsdive will release first full-length album The Stasis of Humanity on April 4th. True to the genre the album is all instrumental, leaving it to the album title to illustrate what is described as a 54 minute documentary. Fans that have followed the band on YouTube will already be familiar with most of the songs on the tracklist, which also includes titles of songs first recorded as demos when Modsdive was still the solo project of guitarist Youn Sung Hoon known as auhm.

A favorite of Korean Indie since the start, Modsdive’s “North” is representing the best of South Korea in the March 2013 edition of the Music Alliance Pact. The early auhm version of “Hide In The Fog” was selected South Korean song of the month for Music Alliance Pact in February 2011. Learn more about Modsdive through this interview from last year.

Here are “North” and “Dive Into The Tiger” performed back-to-back during Psychedelic Factory Vol. 5 at DGBD in July last year:


Here are “Punk For Bloodstar” and “Xi’an” performed back-to-back during Good Bye Manga at Kuchu Camp in October last year:


Here is “Kingdom By The Sea” at Veloso earlier in October:

Via: Hyang Music

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