Dringe Augh Releases Second Full-Length Album

Singer-songwriter Dringe Augh has been preparing for his second full-length album for a long time, and on April 4th it’ll finally be released–two years after the release of his first official album. The title is Drooled and Slobbered and just like his previous releases lyrics are all in English.

Ranging from just Dringe Augh playing his guitar and singing to more elaborate arrangements also including viola, piano and the occasional chorus, the album stays true to his roots by offering a fresh set of songs inspired by British folk of the 70’s. The viola in question is played by Jeju-based acoustic folk band Namgida Band‘s Cho Kyung Rae; the piano is played by Kim Mokin; and 2story‘s Kang Yejin not only provides a bit of chorus but also acts as Dringe’s duet partner in “Raffle”.

Electric Muse has uploaded full samples of “Finite” and “Sea” to the label’s SoundCloud:


With Dringe writing songs for the album already 2012, he’s had good time to also perform some of them live. Sample “Twinkled” and “Pervert” below:


Fresh home in Korea after a three-stop Japan tour end of March, following the release of the album Dringe Augh will play not just in Seoul, but also in Busan and Jeju before the end of April.

Via: Electric Muse; Hyang Music

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