No Reply’s Kwon Soon Gwan to Release First Solo Album

With No Reply activities on hold while Tune is doing his military service, the duo’s other member Kwon Soon Gwan has been making some music for himself under the moniker moment. Digital single 건너편 will be released on April 3rd, with his first solo album A door following suit on April 11th. The album slogan is ’11 songs, the story about a beginning and an end’.

A piece of “건너편” can be sampled through the album trailer, that features actress Jung Eun Chae:


Although the album is released in April, moment’s album release concerts are scheduled for mid-May. However, moment did hold a concert under the name A door already for Christmas 2012. Mintpaper TV has a highlight video:


Not one to keep his songs just to himself, Kwon Soon Gwan, who co-wrote title track “나무가 되는 꿈 (Tree of Life)” for Park Jiyoon‘s 8th album last year, also wrote the song “위로” for 2AM‘s second album One Spring Day, released at the beginning of this month.

Via: moment on Facebook

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