Hello Rookie Nominees for November 2012

Every month Hello Rookie offers indie bands a chance to compete in the spotlight for a well respected title. The ten acts up for Hello Rookie of November were revealed on Thursday:

Mot influenced singer-songwriter Park Soyu
– Modern rock band Band 24th
– Busan based, eight member strong ska and reggae band Ska Wakers
– Electro rock band Space Papa, one of the finalists for this year’s Ssamzie Sound Festival Hidden Masters
– Quirky singer-songwriter Lang Lee, interviewed by Korean Indie in August
– Psychedelic britpop act Cranfield, semi-finalist for this year’s Ssamzie Sound Festival Hidden Masters
– Singer-songwriter Fromm
– Modern rock band Hertz (Hz)
– London based singer-songwriter Hugh Keice
– Britrock/garage style band 24hours

The ten acts will all get to show their worth at Rolling Hall in Hongdae on October 9th. After the performances it’ll be decided who will become the last Hello Rookies of the month this year.

The Hello Rookies of October are former Top Band 2 contestants Guten Birds and mathrock band The Bloc.

As the new nominees were announced, Hello Rookie shared a video of Guten Birds performing their “You In The Mirror”:


For a look at The Bloc, here they are “Say Now” before trying out for Sangsang Madang’s Band Incubating earlier this year:

Via: Space Papa; Hello Rookie

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