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I often claim that I listen to all sorts of music, but I have extra respect for the intriguing work created with that special creativity I think characterizes the musicians that have now come to frequent Mullae-dong. 404 is certainly no exception, and thanks to Park Daham of new label Helicopter Records I got the chance to ask 404’s Se Chung a few questions.



What is 404?

딱히 정해둔 의미는 없다. 에러 메시지인 것은 좋다. 최근에 성경의 요한계시록이 404개의 절로 이루어져 있다는 것을 알게 되었다.

It doesn’t mean anything in particular. I recently learned that Revelations is made up of 404 verses.


How do you describe your sound?

2012년 한국에서 기타/드럼의 2명이 밴드를 하면 어떤 음악이 될까에 대한 자문자답.

It is what a guitar/drum two-piece band would sound like in Korea in the year 2012


What are the biggest differences between 404 and the other projects you are involved in?

부담감이 다르다. 병1신들의 경우는 1/3 만 책임지면 알아서 돌아간다는 느낌이지만, 404에선 단지 1/2이 아니라 더 많은 부분을 책임져야 한다는 부담이 있다. 그런 면에서 더 개인적인 음악이라고 말할 수도 있을 것이다.

The main difference would be responsibility. In the case of byung1shindle, I only have one third of the responsibility with regards to how well the band plays. But with 404, I feel I have more than 1/2 of the responsibility for the band. I guess it means that I feel more personally attached to 404 than I do with other projects.


How would you like to introduce 1?

404의 첫 앨범이다. 로라이즈에서 녹음되었고, 녹음과 믹스/마스터를 천학주가 담당했다. 디자인은 신동혁이 맡았다. 좋은 앨범이다. 스스로도 자주 듣는다.

1 is 404’s first album. It was recorded at Lowrise and recorded/mixed by Hakju Chun, and designed by Donghyuk Shin. It’s a good album. I myself listen to it quite frequently.


Indeed, it is a good album, and Chris agrees too. The recording circumstances perfectly explain the sort of dirty yet very comforting sound heard all over the album in question.

404’s 1 was released end of August with the first album showcase held at the site of the recording on September 28th. The second album showcase will take place at Ccott-Ddang this Friday, October 13th.


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