Gajami Boyscout Releases First Album

Adding to the many Top Band 2 bands releasing new material these days, Gajami Boyscout, or simply GajamiBoy (or Go Dandy Boys if you happened to come across their name a couple of years back) puts out first full-length album 지구소년. The digital release was today, October 29th, whereas the CD release will follow on October 31st.

Although the band did not make it past the initial Triple Tournament stage on Top Band 2, losing against HarryBigButton who also releases an album today, it seems Gajami Boyscout did enough to get noticed and picked up by CJ Entertainment.

Gajami Boyscout won the special jury prize of Hello Rookie in 2010. Now the members are blending modern and psychedelic rock with a hint of blues. The album follows the release of digital single “Apple” in August at which time a music video for the song was also released.


Have a look at the playlist below for live performances of six of the album’s nine tracks:

Via: Hyang Music; Bugs Music

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