Top Band 2 Episode 2: Triple Tournament Part 2

It’s been a week since our first post commenting on an episode of Top Band 2 and now we’re back with comments for episode 2 which aired on May 12th. KBS offers VOD to anyone with a KBS account (foreigners may sign up too).  Daum does not allow video embeds, but if you follow the links below you’ll get to see the full versions of the performances with the bands shown on TV as well as the performance that did not make the cut for the show.

In addition to myself the Top Band 2 commentary panel consists of Dahee of Dahee’s Plastic Castle, Lightinthemind of Korean rock is real, Xtian aka drowningn00b and Ranya of K-Underground Sweden and while commenting on the bands we among other things get onto the subject of women in rock bands.


With 15 out of 99 bands playing out their triple tournament’s in the first episode of Top Band 2, the second round of auditions continued in the second episode. The episode opens with an interview with Rose Motel and their cover of Girls’ Generation‘s “The Boys” , that didn’t make it to TV last week.


Anna: Looks like the producers are favoring Rose Motel already, showing this performance. Or they got really good response on them from the first episode and that’s why they decided to show more. I’m hoping for the latter.

Dahee: I was kind of shocked by how well people responded to Rose Motel last week. Their name was all over the news and search engines, and I remember looking at it all and thinking, “Television sure is a powerful promotional tool, all right.” Their song even made it onto the charts, and apparently they even got a CF offer. But they declined it in favour of concentrating solely on the competition for now. And then they even bow formally to all the Bong-sooks of the nation in both gratitude and repentance, LOL. This band totally cracks me up. Besides Rose Motel, I noticed that Guten Birds got some recognition by netizens too, which was nice, since they got eliminated and all.

Lightinthemind: Here is another sweet video from KBS with Rose Motel’s interview. They even have a fun club, but rather shy I should say^^ Except that guy being interviewed. I found myself in the need of having that t-shirt with the rose. Ah, also I like that they showed the SNSD cover. It was pretty cute and fun)

Dahee: Thank you for sharing that video! It was really cute and funny. And wow, apparently Mr. Flippy Hair is only 33! I thought for sure that he was in his 40’s…



Episode 1 Round 1 (cont. again)

Kim Do Kyun’s Top Choice: Super Kidd


Anna: The surprise was who would pull the Top Choice card, really.

Dahee: Very expected. Super Kidd claims that this experience will make them come back tougher and more ready to fight. I hope they do just that.

Lightinthemind: Hey! You should have told me that you expected this! I was worrying for the whole week for Super Kidd! I think they could really bring that great mood to the show.

Ranya: They were ridiculous, but I liked it. Yay!


Round 1: Sumiara & Phonestuber vs. Black Dog vs. Peterpan Complex

Sumiara & Phonestuber: “수미아라 우뚝

Bonus: “Walkie Talkie Man” (Steriogram cover)

Anna: They sound as annoying as I had expected, though the cover is slightly more bareable than their own song. Judges don’t seem too happy. I’m sure they would bring something unique if they do make it further, but there are other bands with higher entertainment value to me in this competition.

Dahee: There were moments in the original performance when I was just about on the verge of thinking “Huh, this isn’t bad”…and then they would come out with something completely insufferable, like that high-pitched voice, and the dislike would come rushing back. They’re certainly unique, but I don’t see anything all that charming about their music.

Lightinthemind: Sorry, but these sounds he makes with the sax I consider an obscenity. Making this noble instrument sound like that… This made me crazy and I had to press stop and breath for a minute. Then I thought about  the eccentric side of the band and decided to watch further. You know what? I feel like they were too nervous to show that entertainment value (which Anna is talking about). When I was watching their Hongdae performances they behaved as having fun and doing their job rather good. But what if not being nervous made that guy with a fillet showing his tongue in the cover video, making the whole scene looked rather lewd and disgusting? Sorry, for now I’m disappointed.

Xtian: They belong at a bar after a futbol match :) What is going on with that sax? Was that a canary? Can’t get behind these guys and gal, though. They’re a novelty, really, feeling more at a pub after drinks. Peace, kids.

Ranya: And then we have just ridiculous. What a mess. Not even the saxophone could save them, the saxophone actually made it worse. Props for energy and all that though.


Black Dog: “실종

Bonus: “What Is and What Should Never Be” (Led Zeppelin cover)

Anna: There really wasn’t much of them on TV. I know they can sound a lot more engaging than this, but they didn’t do too poorly with their own song. The cover didn’t really do it for me though, but more likely so because of the pick of song than from the actual performance.

Dahee: Seriously? They’re auditioning with the same song as the one they used for their audition video? Obviously Black Dog doesn’t have all that much material to draw from. That being said, I still like this song, just as I did in the audition video, and am a little disappointed they didn’t show more of the performance on TV.

Lightinthemind: I like this song and I like the voice of the vocalist. I could even see them going further if only they had more to show. So I’m crossing fingers to soon hear from them.

Xtian: Waste no time with the vocals. So good! That guitar solo was yummy, and I could’ve used more piano. That girl was killing it on that thing! And the drummer was not left behind, either. If they don’t pass through, heads will roll.

Ranya: Hey guys, you’re on TV, look alive! Amazing vocals, great guitar solo, this song is really good.


Peterpan Complex: “안녕” (Shin Hae Chul cover)

Bonus: “자꾸만 눈이 마주쳐

Anna: I’m surprised they showed the cover on TV, but I was always a sucker for this song and like Peterpan Complex’s version a lot more now than I did when they first released it some five years ago. I’ve had this idea that bands are half-failed already if the producers prefer the cover performance over the original, but in this case the song is almost as much their own as it is Shin Hae Chul’s. And truth be told I actually prefer this cover over the other song in a live setting. I really do like that they’re sorta reinventing themselves, but they need to work some more to get their new electro side sound as convincing live as it does on album..

Dahee: Yay, Peterpan Complex! Lovely performance. It was nicely emotional, and pretty much everything I expected from them. I’m digging the original song too, although the singer’s voice seems to not be in top condition. Kim Kyung Ho really seems to like him, though.

Lightinthemind: Yeah… that is called brilliance… Falling in love again and again.

Xtian: Sorry, ladies, but I never thought he could handle ballads like the cover, and this performance of it confirms that. A calmer ballad, vocally, would’ve fit him better. And maybe its the wiring or the acoustics, but the drums weren’t as forceful as I would’ve liked them to be. Still, their original song is good.

Ranya: Irrelevant but, the singer’s face was really shiny.


Winner: Peterpan Complex


Anna: I was so sure they would win I was very surprised to hear the judges split evenly between two bands.

Dahee: Watching the judges talk amongst themselves, it occurs to me that with such a heavy bias towards rock (Kim Do Kyun openly admits his bias, and thus his choice of Black Dog moving on), it’s no wonder there’s friction when they’re trying to make decisions. Electronic groups especially seem to be at a disadvantage here. I’m starting to wish there was more diversity to the judges’ backgrounds. And maybe they needed one more person, to make the number of judges an uneven number and make voting easier.

Xtian: *sparks flying off the whetstone* Ginger gets it first.

Ranya: I adore Peterpan Complex, I really do. A part of me was happy they made it through, but a much larger (much much larger) part of me just wishes for the already established bands to lose early so we can focus on the one’s who doesn’t have a successful career (choughTheKoxxchough).


Shin Dae Chul’s Top Choice: Black Dog


Dahee: In explaining his choice of Black Dog, Shin explains that he’s just going by instinct. He thinks they’re like an unpolished jewel that has the potential to really shine. Let’s hope he’s right.

Anna: Oops! I realize now I had their name confused with another band… I guess that means they’re not really all that memorable. Or I was just way too tired when watching/writing this.

Xtian: Good *sheathing the sword and walking away*.

Lightinthemind: Yay! That is why I like Shin Dae Chul! Yes, Peterpan Complex is a great band, no one wouldn’t be against this. But the point of making Top Band 1 was to find those not established and amateur bands to help them go further and to enlarge their skills in doing music. So this decision of Mr.Shin is just answering the goals of this audition. And I was really happy to see this. And what is wrong with having biases? When we read the names of the judges it was quite easy to understand background and to suggest some decisions. But anyway they are trying to look at each band from different perspectives, I appreciate that.


Round 2: Rubber Duckie vs. Tangadool vs. MetallateM+

Rubber Duckie: “Kiss Me” (Sixpence None The Richer cover)

Bonus: “Everybody

Anna: Shin Dae Chul likes the guitar solo. I’m not sure I like this all that much. Their own song is not at all as cute as the songs we’ve listened to before either, and as embarrassing as it is to admit that’s when I like Rubber Duckie the best.

Dahee: Right away I’m struck with the bad choice of songs for Rubber Duckie. Their vocals aren’t strong enough for the cover song, and it doesn’t really show off their charms very well. And then Shin Dae Chul starts talking about how some of the judges whispered amongst themselves before their performance that “The guitar is a man’s instrument”(!!!), and how hard it is to find a good female guitarist. I cannot believe he is saying this. The guitarist kind of looks like she wants to sock him in the face. And then he compliments her on her skills, saying “I didn’t know you’d be so good,” meaning he didn’t expect much from her BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN. Ugh. Sorry, Shin, but you’re officially on my shit list now. Maybe it’s this kind of attitude that stops women from taking up the electric guitar in the first place, ever thought of that? I wonder if Rubber Duckie has to deal with this kind of bullshit on a regular basis? This also makes me wonder why there isn’t a female judge. Would it have been so hard for them to get someone like Kim Yoon Ah on the panel?

Lightinthemind: Urgh… I have double feelings here. No, triple-way feelings. First, I like their attempt to pull off another song which is not as sweet as their own. Unfortunately it wasn’t so successful but at least they tried. Second, I also liked the guitar solo and can agree with Shin Dae Chul that to find women playing guitar on this level is a rarity. And it is not a thing of feminism here. Just a fact. How many really famous females guitarist do we know?  Can you name? And third, the thing that I don’t like in girlish bands. If you take advantage of your charm and cuteness and looks, don’t pretend that you weren’t expecting all these compliments from other musicians and that attitude towards you. ‘That’ means “oh, such pretty young girls, let’s enjoy their young bright faces cause they won’t be able to compete here anyway’’. Sorry again, but this sweety image these groups are taking is hurting my teeth. That is why I was relieved when they took the Sixpence None the Richer cover. Hope that they would concentrate on really doing music rather than entertaining with their looks.

Xtian: Oh, no, why Rubber Duckie? I was rooting for you and you picked this to cover? Sigh, disappointing. And their original choice is so safe. The solos don’t stand out and neither do the vocals. Eh :/

Ranya: I can’t listen to “Kiss Me” without thinking of Freddie Prinze Jr. and how much I really don’t like that movie, which then somehow leads to thoughts like “I can’t believe that was Captain America in the parody”. By the end I was too distracted to remember what Rubber Duckie sounded like and I had to go through the same process all over again before moving on. Let’s get serious for a moment. “A man’s instrument?” really? Not cool man, not cool.

Dahee: Haha, that song always reminds me of that awful movie too! Also, for the record: I don’t really have an issue with Shin Dae Chul saying there aren’t a lot of great female guitarists – because, sadly, there aren’t very many famous ones out there. What I have an issue with is the line “The guitar is a man’s instrument.” Because that implies that the reason there aren’t a lot of famous female guitarists is because the guitar is inherently masculine. Which oversimplifies the issue, and overall is just a stupid thing to say. Plus it’s discouraging to female guitarists out there. Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest I can move on with my life.

Lightinthemind: Probably I didn’t have a chance to watch that film and like only the song. Dahee, I understand you here. The only thing that I want to add is that I’m so *f* proud to see females playing guitar or drums on the level competing with men. And I’m sad that it is not happening often. (But I will always see the drummer of Noeazy as a goddess)


Tangadool: “할 말도 없지만”(Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns cover)

Bonus: “긴다리 블루스

Anna: Still not my style.”Rock Will Never Die” says Kim Kyung Ho whereas Kim Do Kyun compliments their guitar playing style for being similar to his gayagum style guitar playing approach. I can buy that they’re doing it well, but neither cover nor original song is something I’d be listening to on my own.

Dahee: Kim Kyung Ho seems really impressed by their passion. They call themselves an ahjusshi band, but I think they have the kind of energy that not a lot of younger bands have. It’s cute how nervous they are to be performing in front of their idols. The guitarist admits he was influenced by Kim Do Kyun’s gayageum style of playing. I enjoyed this performance. It was fun. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them.

Xtian: I thought they did blues-rock. What happened? This song is just kissing ass. I wasn’t wowed by them before, but this change isn’t even them. On the other hand, their original shows why the cover’s so different. Their own material sucks. Whatever, Tangadool.


MetallateM+: “로또만 돼바라

Bonus: “소원을 말해봐” (Girls’ Generation cover)

Anna: I’m surprised they’re not doing better than this when they sounded so good on the clips we were watching before. But it could be that I’m just not that fond of their own songs. And what is this cover? These boys are excellent when it comes to rock classics and they instead opt for a bad rock version of a K-Pop song?

Dahee: I’m a little disappointed by their performance. I expected better from them. I do still think they have potential, though, and I like that they all have curly hair (I wonder if that was intentional?). They’re cute. As for the cover, I’m not fond of what they chose to do with it, but I do like that they added a line about wishing for Korea’s band music to be more successful after the line “Tell me your wish.”

Xtian: Of course they picked a k-pop song. Glad they picked the better of the mess that’s out there. Surprised though of the style of the cover. Faux Mid-East arena rock with some killer guitar playing. But they need practice in stage performing. And holy crap, that kid’s voice deepened from the audition clip. We’re watching puberty before our eyes, ladies and gentlemen. Not as wowed like their “Genie” cover, but still fun. I’ll be sulking since they didn’t cover Queen by the corner.

Ranya: That keyboardist/vocalist kid and his little lisp was so endearing and cute. They’re not really my style, and that Genie cover…I don’t want.


Winner: MetallateM+


Anna: There was no clear winner to me this round, but I’m glad they picked MetallateM+. The judges haven’t seen them at their best yet so they should be able to step it up till next time.

Dahee: Shin Dae Chul was really pushing for MetallateM+, arguing that not many kids their age can play that well, and he senses that with a little help they’ll really improve. Kim Do Kyun, on the other hand, worries about how they’ll hold up in the third auditions. He and Kim Kyung Ho argue that Tangadool did well, and I agree with them. I was actually expecting Tangadool to win, especially since I don’t think MetallateM+ showed their best, so the outcome was a surprise for me. I wonder whether their age played too big a factor in this decision. Still, I certainly won’t mind seeing more of them and their curly hairdos. I’m sure they’ll do better next time.

Xtian: YB, be ready. You’re crown of hair band is at stake.

Ranya: In this round, I actually could understand it.


Round 3: AshGray vs. On The Spot vs. Vanila City

AshGray: “Anxious

Bonus: “Roxanne” (Police cover)

Anna: They are so smooth! The song on TV is one of the best shown so far this season. I really wanna see them do well on this show. I’m not really fond of the cover, but they do do it better than most that have taken on the song. Actually with No Min Hyuk’s idol background they should be able to play it out Moulin Rouge style instead, but if they had I would’ve probably been sold forever and turned into a complete fangirl and I really don’t have the time for that right now. Please, please, please let me see more of AshGray on Top Band!

Dahee: The show seems to be really focused on No Min Hyuk’s idol past. He talks about how people in the underground scene didn’t accept him because of the Click-B association, while the mainstream regarded him as a failed former idol. He also mentions how they joined the show because they wanted so badly to be able to play on a big stage like this, and how there are so few opportunities for that. Suddenly I can feel myself melting. It helps that I kind of love their performance. The original song is just lovely. Shin Dae Chul compliments the vocalist on how his tone just sucks a person in. I totally agree. There was something about this performance that really pulled at my heartstrings.

Lightinthemind: They are really great! Passion, heart and feelings with a strong base of vocals and skillful play. I really want more of them. What if the next episode will begin with their interview?

Xtian: The vocals are so good! Full of emotion, delivered well, and just, gosh, running out of overused descriptive phrases. And I’m melting under the bass line of that cover! I’ll be a hooker any day if it means they play that song for me.

Ranya: I really do not care about the idol background, and I think it’s a bit dumb to focus so much attention to it. He sings so well and his performance was just filled with power and emotion. Bravo, guys.


On The Spot:”아마추어 배트맨

Bonus: “그녀를 만나는 곳 100m 전” (Lee Sang Woo cover)

Anna: Still not for me, but I sorta like the ggwaenggwari this time even though I suspect that guy isn’t really part of the band. What is this they’ve done with the cover? I really like this song, but I can’t get into their version of it. The DJ is just annoying but there’s something else about it that doesn’t work either.

Dahee: I like this performance better than in the audition video. It feels more put together, somehow, although that DJ is indeed super annoying. They should just get rid of him. Shin Dae Chul seems to like them, but I think they need to learn the benefits of simplicity. They’re over complicating things, and in a weird way.

Lightinthemind: I wasn’t expecting this kind of performance after audition video. But again, I want to do something to that DJ. Ok, not cutting fingers off, but to not interfere the melody. Please!

Xtian: The scratching is annoying and that banging is headache inducing. The solo segment is too chaotic. And what was with that break in the second song? Why didn’t anyone break into a solo? Fail, kids.

Ranya: I wanted to mute it the first 10 seconds, but then I saw the pot lid and I thought “maybe give this a chance, Ranya”. Wow, It was so headache inducing. I don’t know why they put the DJ there, he’s clearly just pressing random buttons and seeing what sound comes out, or I really hope to god that mess isn’t intentional.


Vanila City: “So Sick” (Neyo cover)

Bonus: “I’ll Be On Your Side

Anna: I had expected them to sound like more competition to AshGray. Surely Vanila City can do better! The song choices were both very good, but there’s something about their performances that comes off a bit shaky.

Dahee: I agree, they seemed a little shaky. This is surprising. Maybe they were too nervous?  Anyway, You Young Suk doesn’t seem to like their song choices, while Kim Do Kyun is really impressed by the drummer. And indeed, the drumming was pretty hot. The performance overall was just okay to me.

Lightinthemind: I like the performance which is really their style. Don’t know what to add. And I still like the voice of the vocalist, but it would be hard to make the choice between them and AshGray. Also there was a fun moment during the Ne-yo cover when three of the judges, except You Young Suk, were slightly headbanging.

Xtian: Not bad. Sick guitar playing, but it came in too early for my tastes. I see they kept the hair scheme largely the same from the audition clip. Snooze on the pop-rock nonsense.


Winner: AshGray


Anna: I’m happy about this.

Dahee: So am I. I do feel a little sorry for Vanila City, though, since they didn’t show their best. As a parting remark they say that they hope AshGray will win the overall competition, since they beat them and all. Heh.

Lightinthemind: I really feel they deserve it. They need to take all the chances to shine and to get rid of that idol fame.

Xtian: Was they ever a doubt in our minds about this?


Round 4: Javo Island vs. Zebon Bros vs. The Four Brothers

Javo Island: “This Love” (Maroon 5 cover)

Bonus: “톰의 일기

Anna: It’s not bad, but I had expected more from them with that cover. Their own song is of the kind that doesn’t work for me. I like how much they’re getting into the performance though.

Dahee: I don’t like this at all. What an awful cover – it ignores the feeling of the original song completely. How disappointing. But yes, their passion is nice to see. Kim Kyung Ho compliments them on their harmony and how they managed to keep it together even when they got excited.

Lightinthemind: Ehm… I like their jumping, the lady on keyboard and her skills, the vocalist’s voice and passion… But altogether… What’s this about?

Xtian: The keyboard is messing it up for me. That kind of playing should be kept in the chorus, or bridge, but not in the verses. I think the girl should’ve sang this cover. Clearly the more excited of the two singers. As for the original, I like their energy and the playing’s solid. Would make a great house band. (Not to be taken as a slight.)

Ranya: I like how happy the keyboardist is. She’s really happy!


Zebon Bros: “Come Together” (The Beatles cover)

Bonus: “나의 파워

Anna: Wow. I’m hating this from the first bar. Really not my kind of rock, but the judges all seem to approve. Their own song is slightly better

Dahee: “Come Together” is one of my favourite Beatles songs, and this cover is, in my opinion, a travesty. I still want to gag that vocalist, by the way. That is NOT how you should sing that song! GAH! He seems pitchy on that last note, too. Have I mentioned that I find his singing really annoying? I did like that guitar solo, though. Shin Dae Chul did too apparently (he’s comparing him to Jimi Hendrix), and asks him how old he is. When he replies “33,” Shin looks shocked and whispers to You Young Suk that he thought he was in high school. Lol.

Lightinthemind: And I still think that there should be a different way to use this voice. And another choice of cover. And… ok… don’t know what else to say. Please change everything.

Xtian: No, no, NO! The hell are you doing? You’re voice isn’t okay for this! You can grovel and sound like the old drunk at the corner of the bar all you want, but ain’t nobody going to “come together”. Pick a different song, like “Helter Skelter” or a dirty blues track. Man, fuck this shit.


The Four Brothers: “You Really Got Me” (The Kinks cover)

Bonus: “완벽한 하루

Anna: No. This is not for me either. I couldn’t make up my mind about them before, but from their TV performance I’m sure they’re not for me. But then I watch their own song and suddenly I like them again. Perhaps what I need from this band is consistency more than anything else.

Xtian: Wait, is the drummer wearing small door knocker earrings? Oh gosh, awkward to watch. They’re so nervous! I can’t watch *watching through my hands*. I know the break is supposed to sound sexy, but it’s like the awkward kid trying to get the girl in any high school movie, trying too hard and awkward. I do like the harmonica in the original, though, even if they ran out of time.

Dahee: The cover is far too simplistic for me. The vocalist looks like a singing robot with his blank eyes. Kim Kyung Ho apparently is impressed by their instrument playing, though.

Lightinthemind: Shin Dae Chul seems annoyed. So am I. Nothing to be caught with.


Winner: Javo Island


Anna: This was the weakest round yet. Javo Island is the band that should’ve been the most embarrassed to lose so it makes sense that they’re the band that moves on.

Dahee: Yes, this was a disappointing round. I think all three of them could have been eliminated if they’d gone up against some of the stronger bands right away. I’m not into any of them. Kim Kyung Ho muses over the possibility of using a Top Choice card on The Four Brothers, but apparently decides that in the end they wouldn’t make it when going up against the other bands anyway.

Xtian: Just glad Zebon Brothers lost. How do you mess up Beatles like that? That’s rock blasphemy! Enough of this crap. Will finish tomorrow.


Round 5: Disco Bongs vs. Harry Big Button vs. Gajami Boyscout

Disco Bongs: “사랑 사랑 사랑” (Kim Hyun Sik cover)

Bonus: “헤어져

Anna: The keyboardist isn’t as much fun to watch as he was in the audition video, probably because of his new vocalist responsibilities. It’s weird though. Even though there’s a month between the audition and the recording of this episode they’ve somehow managed to transform their own song so it doesn’t sound at all as appealing as it did before. Seems like this very young band is already heading in the wrong direction.

Dahee: It seems the one female member of Disco Bongs has already won over some fans among the men of the other bands, heh. I feel like the cover has its moments, but it’s ruined by what they’ve chosen to do with the vocals. Plus their harmony is definitely off. You Young Suk criticizes them for being shaky. I couldn’t agree more. Maybe they just need more time to practice and improve.

Xtian: Great playing by the saxophonist on two saxes. Brass orgasm! But man, that vocal distortion was awful. Took me out of the performance as soon as he started. And I agree with Anna. Their original sounds worse now and lost its appeal for me. Bummer, maybe next year.


Harry Big Button: “Another Brick in the Wall part 2” (Pink Floyd cover)

Bonus: “Rock You Very Much

Anna: I’m liking this a lot more than I thought I would! Maybe this is one of those bands better on a bigger stage than on a small. It’s cute how they’ve changed the title of their own song to say “Rock” instead of “Fxxx”…

Dahee: For some reason, I’m finding the frontman to be very attractive. Maybe it’s his hair, or his deep voice, but there’s something sexy about him. Ahem. ANYWAY. He tells the judges that they didn’t play as a band for 15 years, and he got very sick during that time. But as soon as they started playing again, his illness disappeared. That’s a sweet story. And I like the cover, too. It’s just hard enough to appeal to me. I want to see more of them. (I swear it isn’t because the vocalist is so hot.)

Xtian: Loving the cover. The darker mood fits the song and his growl is doing it for me. Dammit, lol, I wish he had cursed. As much as I liked the song, that solo was flat. No technicality, no flair, but by-the-numbers. That’s what you brought, Harry Big Button? Really?


Gajami Boyscout: “Purple Haze” (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Bonus: “Goodbye Hommage

Anna: No, those guitar solos still aren’t working for me. I like the girl on synth though. And their own song is a lot better than their cover.

Dahee: I don’t like that cover at all. This band frustrates me because I feel like if they changed just a few things, I could learn to like them. As it stands, though…

Xtian: Did the sound cut out or did the frontman just fuck that up? Please, eat before you get onstage. Eating string is bad for you and a bad cliché at that. Also, the key-tar and guitar solos clashed. Major sound levels fail. And the second song’s solos were no better. Drum, bass and guitar solos at once? How am I supposed to concentrate on all of them? Most basic of musical fails.


Winner: Harry Big Button


Anna: The only reasonable outcome of this round.

Dahee: Thank goodness. The judges remark that all three teams were a little disappointing, but they seem to have not argued too much over this choice.

Lightinthemind: Definitely wanted to see them going further.


Round 6: No.1 Korean vs. Fantastic Drug Store vs. Pia

No.1 Korean: “골목길” (Shinchon Blues cover)

Bonus: “친구야

Anna: I had expected them to be even more energetic, but even so this is far from bad. Shin Dae Chul looks like he really enjoys the show. Their own song is a much, much better introduction to No.1 Korean I think.

Dahee: I’m not a huge fan of the way they approached the cover, but it’s certainly a fun and entertaining performance. I like them. They feel like a breath of fresh air, somehow, and they seem to be very confident in their sense of identity. I definitely want to see them move on to the next round.

Lightinthemind: As I expected they made it good and presented this soft smile. Really it is not easy to stand against Pia but even in this situation I didn’t see them being nervous which is a sign of maturity. Fighting!

Xtian: Bad Blues Brothers theme going on. Like the bass and horns, though that screaming is distracting. Sadly, this band only confirms my disdain for ska. Too disorderly, but not chaotic enough to be punk. Ugh.


Fantastic Drug Store: “아저씨

Bonus: “Shoot The Runner” (Kasabian cover)

Anna: As if they would have any chance against any of the other two bands. They’re putting on a good performance though. If they had been thrown in a round or two earlier they’d be my bet for winner, but for now I suppose they’ll just have to be proud they did well and can audition with pride again for next season.

Dahee: Oh, I feel sorry for them. What bad luck to go up against these two big bands right away. I really like their performance, too, and I think they have so much potential. I want to see more of them, dammit, but I’m not feeling much hope. Kim Kyung Ho really seems to like them, though, and I like how he encourages them by saying that they’re good enough to really threaten the other two bands.

Xtian: Great energy and great cover choice. Shows they can do both fast and mid-tempo (or something like that) pretty well.
Dammit, though, Fantastic Drug Store, if they lose, will be a casualty of the selection process. How can they compete against Pia or No1 Korean, bands with considerable experience? Not fair to them if they lose.


Pia: “Urban Explorer

Bonus: “Jeremy” (Pearl Jam cover)

Anna: After auditioning with one of my old favorites I’m a bit disappointed that they went with something so recent now. And one of my least favorites at that. I would’ve wanted to see them pick another cover, too. It would be complete failure for them to be eliminated against anybody at this stage. They’ll just have to do better next time and maybe then I can be more supportive of my old favorites.

Dahee: Interesting that before showing the performance the editors cut in an interview in which Pia worries about the wisdom of their song choice. I think those fears were well-founded. That original song did not show off their charms very well. I’m a little disappointed. Kim Kyung Ho actually compares them and Fantastic Drug Store, saying that although both teams played their instruments well, the latter had stronger vocals. Oooh, the veterans have been burned!

Xtian: So not fair…*grumbling to myself*.


Winner: ?


Anna: Of course. Another cliff hanger. And they were arguing for so long the judges had to apologize about the wait when they were finally done… Overall I’d say this episode wasn’t as strong as the first. I’m hoping the next one will be better.

Dahee: Argh!! SO. ANNOYING. Just show us the results, dammit! I was laughing over how dramatic the debate among the judges was made out to be. As usual, it’s Kim Kyung Ho and You Young Suk versus Shin Dae Chul and Kim Do Kyun. The former two like No. 1 Korean, while the latter two like Pia. Kim Kyung Ho argues that Pia was disappointing, while Shin argues that while the vocals were disappointing, the playing was not. There seems to be some argument as well over which band to use the Top Choice card for, and it seems some of them worry that if they eliminate Pia netizens could become angry. Kim Kyung Ho then says something I really like: “Is that why you’re arguing for them? Is that so important? Is that really such a problem? Are you saying that we have to pick every famous band, then?” I love that he made that point. Also, LOL at the cut of Shin Dae Chul exclaiming “This is ridiculous!” and standing up and throwing the papers. And that last image of Kim Kyung Ho versus Shin Dae Chul! OMG, I’m in tears. How ridiculous can they get? I hope the next episode won’t be so unintentionally hilarious.

Anna: I couldn’t catch most of that while watching so Dahee thank you so much for the details! Kim Kyung Ho is awesome. I wish the others would reason more like him, though I’ve heard the producers too started to worry about netizens after this round. Should’ve thought of that before allowing all of these big bands on the show, shouldn’t they? While I think Shin Dae Chul and Kim Do Kyun can both make excellent judges even with their rock bias it is a problem that they’re both close enough to the Hongdae scene to actually be well acquainted with some of the bands, Pia , from what I’ve heard, being one of them..

Lightinthemind: I refuse to say anything here. The show is going to have some strange scenes and choices. If I would be the judge I’ll have to prepare serious list of reasons for any decision.

Xtian: I want Fantastic Drug Store to win just to spite Pia and the disadvantage built into the selection process. It’s clear the show’s producers were never going to address this problem. Also, if netizen reaction is what they’re basing some of their decisions, then the judges need to integrate fan participation into the show, “American Idol” style. But until then, we as fans have to live with the decisions they make, as unjust as the competition may be sometimes. FDS, FDS, FDS!

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