Busan’s Jude Returns with Funk Sound for Third Album

Busan based modern pop/rock band Jude started out in 1998 and released first full-length album Jude Life in 2002. A few years later came second album 4 Years, for which the band had adopted an acid modern rock style. Fast forward seven years and time has come for the release of third album Oh! Darling. The digital release is set to October 29th with the CD release following on October 31st.

This time around Jude brings more of a funk infused sound, as can be heard from the music video for album lead track “Oh! Oh! Oh!”:


Although it’s been a long time since Jude released any new material the band has not been completely inactive. Here’s a performance from 2009 of new album song “오아시스”:


From another 2009 performance, here’s new album song “기억, 습관처럼”:

Via: Hyang Music; Jude; Bugs Music

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