HarryBigButton Release First Full-Length Album

Following a successful run on Top Band 2, where the band was eliminated only one point short of making the Top 16 yet managed to gain plenty of new fans, rock band HarryBigButton will release first full-length album King’s Life on October 29th. It has been mastered at Sterling Sound in New York by Ted Jensen, who has previously worked with bands such as Korn and Muse.

The album comes almost a year after the band’s self-released, now sold out debut EP Hard ‘N’ Loud and includes all three songs from the release as well as the other HarryBigButton songs performed during Top Band 2, where HarryBigButton could be seen recording one chorus for the album together with several other Top Band 2 participants. A set of old fan live favorites and new song “어항 속의 고래” can also be heard on the album.

The playlist below includes performances of all songs on the album, including two recent videos from HarryBigButton’s appearance on Lee Han Chul’s All That Music:

Via: Hyang Music

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