Olleh Music Indie Awards Winners, September 2012

It’s been a year since Olleh Music launched their Indie Awards, the September edition being the 8th set of awards handed out. The netizen vote concluded yesterday, Sunday September 10th, and with that the results are now available.

Best Album: Verbal Jint – 10년동안의오독 (80%)
Best Artist: Pia (42%)
Best Rookie: CoreMagaZinE (39%)

Album Nominees:
2. Lucite Tokki – Grow to Glow (9%)
3. Method – The Constant (6%)
4. Neon Bunny – Happy Ending (5%)

Artist Nominees:
2. Gate Flowers (25%)
3. HarryBigButton (20%)
4. Idiotape (14%)

Rookie Nominees:
2. Dream Car (28%)
3. Hong Hyereem (17%)
4. Look And Listen (16%)

Source: Olleh Music

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