The Freaks and Look & Listen for Tap Sonic

On June 28th part 4 of We Love Tapsonic will be released, this time with “두리뭉수리” from The Freaks and a song called “Move That” from hip-hop group Geeks featuring Ugly Duck and TakeOne. Two weeks earlier part 3 was released where Look and Listen participated with the song “Game”, previously known under the slightly longer title “Love Game”.

Just like the Telefly song from part 2, these new songs recorded for Tap Sonic can now be played for free in the iOS and Android rhythm game.

The Freaks could be found performing “두리뭉수리” already over a couple of years ago, but until now it has remained an unreleased track:


Similarly, Look and Listen have been performing “Love Game” every now and then over they last couple of years but did not put it on record until earlier this month:

Via: Bugs Music 1, 2

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