Han SoA Releases Mini Album with Park Soon Chul Compositions

After appearing on several soundtracks, singer-songwriter Han SoA released her first single in 2010 and has since released no less than six digital singles more as well as a couple of mini albums–the latest, 다가온다, released on March 29th.

Just like for her first mini album 스며들다, Han SoA has been working together with producer JQ on all songs. But this time Jieun & The Wolves bassist Park Soon Chul instead of just playing the bass has also composed three out of the five songs on the release including main track “차라리 헤어지자”.

Seoulbeats offers a nice write-up for those looking to learn more about Han SoA: Han SoA: A Voice Which Permeates.

Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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