Achime’s Guitarist Plays on Lee Yu Rim’s First Single

The first part of the soundtrack for tvN’s love themed reality show The Romantic was a song by the same name performed by Two Months. A month and a half later on March 29th, singer-songwriter Lee Yu Rim debuted with single Rim Virus that also doubles as a soundtrack for the show.

The single holds two tracks. There’s the sweet “First Date” for which she’s attempted to work with a modern rock sound. There is also an “acoustic guitar version” of a song called “언제나 나와 함께 해줘요” where the guitar in question is played by Achime‘s Kim Dong Hyun.

According to allkpop Lee Yu Rim is currently majoring in practical music and composition and plans to focus on music rather than TV appearances. The music video for “First Date” was released today.

Sources: Bugs Music; allkpop

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