Busker Busker’s First Album Released

After finishing second on Superstar K3 last year, busking band Busker Busker released their first album on March 29th. Already a week early to the release of the full album track “이상형” was pre-released online. The song has already seen some success on the charts. Half a music video for “이상형” was released around the same time as the song became available and within the past few days Busker Busker have done a number of TV appearances performing their new songs.

This is what the album teaser looked like:


Here is that “이상형” teaser video:


Same day as the album was released Busker Busker could be seen on M Countdown performing album main track “벚꽃엔딩”.


On the same channel, the band appeared Yoon Do Hyun’s Must on March 31st showcasing “전활거네” as well as a bit of “여수밤바다”:



On tvN a day earlier, Busker Busker performed “외로움증폭장치” and “꽃송이가”:



As Superstar K3 aired Busker Busker took the time both for some actual busking and regular live performances. Below they can be seen performing “골목길 어귀에서” and “성인식” that both made the cut for the album.



The same day as the album was released Busker Busker held an open party where they among other album tracks performed “첫사랑”:


After Superstar K3 Busker Busker were picked up by CJ E&M, something that has had the consequence that over the last couple of weeks CJ E&M enewsWorld have provided near daily articles on the band of more or less substance.
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Yesterday CJ E&M enewsWorld offered an interview where the members among other things talk about their first fanmeeting: [Interview] Busker Busker Sings for Women

Sources: Hyang Music; Wikipedia; CJ E&M enewsWorld

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