The Sunday with Only Afternoon Offer Sweet Indie Pop

“오후만 있던 일요일”  is the title of a Deulgukhwa song written by Byeongwoo Lee, but it is also the name of an indie pop duo where the guitarist is a former member of Siberian HuskyThe Sunday with Only Afternoon released their first digital single in the beginning of March and included the same song, “어디로 가려 했을까 “, on EP 울고 싶던 날 released March 22nd.

Already in September last year YouTube user cppark00 could catch the duo on camera as they performed five of the six songs that made the EP:

2. “메밀차 그리고”:


3. “울고싶던 날”:


4. “11월의 노래”:


5. “어디로 가려 했을까”:


6. “여름냄새”:

Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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