No Brain Cover Kim Gun Mo for Yoon Il Sang’s 21st Anniversary

Only a week ago No Brain covered Kim Gun Mo on Immortal Song 2 and on March 21st the band released their cover of another song of his, “뻐꾸기 둥지 위로 날아간 새“. It comes as part 4 of the series of digital singles for songwriter and producer Yoon Il Sang‘s 21st anniversary, I’m 21, that began with 10cm in January.

As usual the single comes with two covers of hit songs written by Yoon Il Sang, and the main track this time around is a reworked version of As One‘s 너만은 모르길. It is none other than Gain of Brown Eyed Girls–one of the groups currently being produced by Yoon Il Sang–that has gotten both the honor and the music video, although concerns that the video is too sexy have been raised.

Check it out yourself:

Source: Bugs Music

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