Lucia and No Brain Sing Kim Gun Mo on Immortal Song 2

Following the Park Choon Seok special on Immortal Song 2 (불후의 명곡2) a couple of weeks ago came a Kim Gun Mo special spanning two episodes. Part 2 was aired on March 17th and as expected No Brain participated, as did Pastel Music’s latest ‘Hongdae Goddess’ Lucia.

First out in part two was Brown Eyed Soul‘s Sung Hoon, who got the highest score so far in the history of the show with his performance of “뻐꾸기 둥지 위로 날아간 새“. Lucia went up second with a straightforward cover of “미련“, but like the rest of the contestants that evening failed to break Sung Hoon’s record. No Brain had made a ‘creepy love song’ arrangement of “첫인상“, with a gothic feel in the verses and more of a metal sound for the refrain:


Here is Lucia performing “미련”:

Source: Bugs Music

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