Seo Taiji Band Keyboardist Releases Solo Album as Ooparts

For five years now, Kim Seok Joong has been the keyboardist of Seo Taiji Band, but like many of the other members of that group, he’s also got other musical ventures. One of them is an electronic solo project under the name Ooparts, which released its first album, Electric Pulse Dictionary 1999-2011,on March 20th. On the album trailer, he explains that the album is a collection of memories from over 10 years, and from the release info it seems his range is very wide.

In addition to his own Ooparts Kim Seok Joong is also the leader of Eunhayonhap, with the band’s guitarist Math helping out to create a post-rock feel on the album’s closing track–the self-titled “Ooparts”. Judging from the release info it also seems Eunhayonhap will have its first full-length album out some time this year.

Here is the album trailer in question:


Audio for the first two songs of the album have also been uploaded to YouTube. Here are “Dirty (f)ixel” and “Vengeance”, “Vengeance” being the only song on the album with vocals:


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