10cm Keep Relatively Still on Billboard’s K-Pop Chart

Billboard’s Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart for the week of March 24 was published today and we find 10cm moving two spots down to position 29. While the previous week indicated that not many artists are willing to put their music up against Big Bang, no less than eight songs from seven different artists debuted above 10cm this week.

Climbing past 10cm since last week is Blue Berry‘s “넌 내애인이고 사랑이고 운명이야” that debuted on the chart last week. Instead falling behind 10cm are Block B‘s “NalinA (난리나)”, Hyorin‘s “I Choose To Love You (널 사랑하겠어)“, Sunnyhill‘s “The Grasshopper Song (베짱이 찬가)“, Gavy NJ‘s “그러고도 남자야”, Taw & HaHa ‘s “사랑”, Hyorin, Jiyeon and Ailee‘s “Super Star” and Big Bang’s “Intro (Alive)”.

Debuting lower on this week’s chart are Skull‘s “쓰레기”, featuring Oksang Dalbit, at position 43 and Shut Up! Flower Boy Band song “Love U Like U” sung by Infinite‘s L and Two MonthsKim Yerim at position 48.

Source: Billboard

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