Gaon Digital Sales Chart week 10, 2012

Working from home has a lot of perks–not only do I save a 2 hours I would’ve otherwise spent commuting but I’m also by far more efficient than my office environment allows. As an added benefit it makes it possible to have a coffee break in the middle of the day with a bit of blogging thrown in. I wish I had more days like this. Before I get back to work, here’s the latest Korean digital chart from Gaon. (I’m now writing “Oksang Dalbit” instead of “Dalmoon” after seeing the joint 10cm concert poster some time ago)

k-indie @ Gaon Digital Chart – March 10, 2012
32. 10cm – 애상 [MV]
50. Skull – 쓰레기 (feat. Oksang Dalbit) [MV]
83. Noblesse & Acoustic CollaboLove Diary
84. Two MonthsThe Romantic [MV]
129. Annyeongbada – 악마 [MV]
131. Standing Eggs – 둘이 아닌가 봐 (with Christina Love Lee) [audio]
134. Goonamguayeoridingstella – 서울사람
137. 10cm – 안아줘요 [MV]
156. Taru – 봄이 왔다 [MV]
169. Verbal Jint – 좋아보여 (feat. The Black Skirts) [MV]
181. Park Jiyoon – 나무가 되는 꿈 [MV]
184. Peterpan Complex – 첫사랑

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