10cm Move Down Billboard’s K-Pop Chart Because of Big Bang

With no less than six new Big Bang tracks–including the new mini album intro track–debuting in the upper quarter of the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for the week of March 17 it is no surprise to find that 10cm have moved down from position 20 to 27 on the chart with their “애상”. Also debuting on the chart above 10cm is “B Class Life” from the Dream High 2 soundtrack, performed by 2AM‘s Jinwoo, Kim Ji Soo and Kang Sora.

Gaining position over 10cm are Taw & HaHa with their “사랑” that had debuted in the lower half of the chart last week. 10cm fell behind Gavy NJ‘s “그러고도 남자야” whereas Jay Park‘s “Know Your Name“ and fellow Yoon Il Sang anniversary project song “애인있어요” as performed by Kim Bum Soo fell behind 10cm.

Source: Billboard

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