Poem & Wind Revive Korean 70’s Rock

Aiming for a Korean 60’s/70’s rock feel, quartet Poem & Wind are scheduled to release their first EP, 난봉꾼, on February 28th. Lead by vocalist Choi Min Sik the band has singer/songwriter Kim Wan Hyung on guitar, Joa Band guitarist Son Hyun playing bass, and Son Joon Ho of Ynot? playing the drums.

The band has been playing together for over a year already. During this time they’ve been caught on camera performing all songs on the EP save for closing track “아임 낫 어 김치 (I’m Not a Kim-chi)”.

Here’s a good quality video of “국정원 미스김”:


These other videos are a bit rougher, but do a decent enough job adding some extra retro feeling to the performances. Here’s “오빤 알아” and “난봉꾼”:



And here’s “빗속에 내리는 당신”:

Source: Hyang Music

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