Top Band Axiz on K-pop TV Shows

Top Band contestants Axiz may not have made it to the top of the KBS2 band audition survival show, but after being picked up by Universal Music the band seems more successful than any of the bands that made it farther in the competition. On the January 1st edition of SBS Inkigayo the band members made their first official TV performance with their song “날 안아줘” and today the band shared a photo via Twitter from the recordings of MBC’s Music Core for January 7th.

Axiz released debut single Why Don’t You Give It Up on alleged magical date November 11th, 2011. Just six days later, on the 17th of November, the band included the same track on four-track EP 날 안아줘 from which they are currently promoting the title track as seen above.

Check out the music video for “날 안아줘” below:


And here’s the music video for “Why Don’t You Give It Up”:


Sources: Universal Music K-Pop official Twitter; Axiz official Twitter; maniadb

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