European Tour and 1st Full-Length from Story Seller

European fans of Korean rock music can look forward to the first tour from a Korean band since Yoon Band traveled the continent in 2005. It is Torpedo Productions that with a history of bringing Japanese bands to the EU now will bring two acts from Rockin’ Korea Entertainment over for Rockin’ Korea European Tour 2012.

The acts coming over are girl rock band Story Seller and crossover pop pianist Choi Soo Min. The tour, which spans from the 10th to the 22nd of February, will make stops in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and the UK. See the Facebook event page for details.

The girls in Story Seller are likely to be playing plenty of new songs as they returned with new material just before the end of 2011. It started with the release of two-track digital single XX on December 14th and was followed by a digital release of their first full length album, also called XX, on December 28th. The CD version of the album is scheduled for release on January 6th. In addition to both titles from the single the album holds eight new songs, including “솔직히” featuring former Super Kidd guitarist 박과장.

“절대적 착시” (“Absolute Optical Illusion”) was included in a ‘Natural Base version’ on the single and was briefly promoted with a music video:


Before the album was released there was also a music video for album main track “18구역” (“18th Area”), directed by Kim Hwan:


Learn more about the origins of Story Seller through this interview from when the band still went under the name Bloody Cookie.


Although it’s been a while since his latest album, Choi Soo Min too will be performing at least one new song next month. Here he is delivering a message before the tour, with English subtitles:


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