Bugs Indie Music Chart week 40

Bugs indi music chart
More Top Band on the Bugs chart yet another week. Still hoping I can get those recaps up soon.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – October 8, 2011
1. Delispice – 무지개는 없었다
2. Peterpan Complex – 자꾸만 눈이 마주쳐 [MV]
3. 10cm – 안아줘요 [live]
4. J PowerWe Are The Champions [Top Band]
5. AshGray – 이별의 그늘 [Tribute90]
6. Dick Punks – 좋다 좋아 [@ Club FF]
7. Mighty Coala – 서울 [@ Club Bbang]
8. Delispice – 슬픔이여 안녕 [MV]
9. 10cm – 기타로 오토바이를 타자
10. ToxicShock [Top Band]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
17. Hyunjhin Baik – 여기까지 [recandplay.net]
24. 2Stay – 불티 [Top Band]
36. Latte LatteConga [Top Band]
45. YaYa – 푸념 전쟁 [@ Club FF]
53. Broccoli, you too? – 두근두근 [Music Travel Lalala]
56. The Finnn – 첼로 [MV]
59. Song Hee Ran – 스마일
64. Couple-D – 커플
83. The Finnn – 이 겨울 끝은 눈보라
90. The Finnn – 마음속의 블루
91. Bulldog MansionSoul Drive

See the full top 100 list here.

송희란 - A Song For You - Day And NightSinger Song Hee Ran is one in a row of “Hongdae Goddesses”. Following her single debut end of last year, new single A Song For You – Day And Night was released on October 7.

커플디 - Couple-DAcoustic pop duo Couple-D released a first self-titled album on October 7. A’naive, who plays djembe and contributes with the rap, released his own solo single in March this year whereas Daae, who plays the guitar and sings, released her first solo single in October last year.

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