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백현진 with 정재일 plus 권병준 - 여기까지나는 가수다 경연 10-1. '듀엣곡 부르기'
UhUhBoo Project vocalist Baik Hyunjhin has surprised me twice over the last few days. Friday last week, October 7, he released a single together with pianist Jung Jaeil and composer Kwon Byeongjoon. The title is 여기까지 and has a recording of it from last year: 백현진, 정재일 – 여기까지.

Today came an even bigger surprise with the duet challenge on I Am A Singer (나는 가수다), where Jaurim had invited Baik Hyunjhin to perform Sim Soo Bong‘s 사랑밖에 난 몰라 together. The recording itself was released today, October 9, with digital single <나는 가수다> 경연 10-1. ‘듀엣곡 부르기’. More about the result and that episode in general when refresh_daemon and I offer our I Am A Singer recap.

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