Indieful ROK Music Chart week 40

Indieful ROK Unique Artist Chart
New unique artist chart from the Indieful ROK’s listener group. Though the track chart has yet to be updated so song samples are all inspired from last week’s top list. While we were celebrating 200 members last week, today we celebrate that it is exactly 3 years since the launch of the group. Thank you all for your continued support!

Indieful ROK TOP10 – week 40, 2011

1. Monni (+9) [흔적 live]
2. Casker (+3) [선인장 TV live]
3. Leessang (-) [TV를 껐네… MV]
4. Clazziquai (-2) [춤 MV]
5. Nell (+2) [피터팬은 죽었다 TV live]
6. Donawhale (re) [Shiny Day YT audio]
7. Han Hee Jung (-6) [나무 TV live]
8. Taru (re) [Love Me live]
9. Mate (new) [왜 live]
10. The Black Skirts (-2) [International Love Song TV live]

Don’t feel like the chart reflects your taste in music well enough? Join Indieful ROK’s group and maybe next week it’ll look a little better!

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