Upcoming releases, week 36

A few releases coming up this week have already been mentioned on the blog. Here are some that haven’t been:

September 6:
권우유와 위대한항해 - 먹고 자고루나틱 (Lunatic) 1집 - 같은 하늘아래
Singer/songwriter Kwon Milk released his first album, 위대한 항해 (“The Greatest Voyage”), in May last year. Since then he’s formed the unit Kwon Milk & The Greatest Voyage including musicians as well as somebody in charge of visual art. Soon the first release from the act will be out. The title is 먹고 자고 and the title track music video was just released. Also check out the music video for opening track 걷는다 만난다.

Pop punk band Lunatic is just about to release first full length album 같은 하늘아래. 바보 and 백지 from the 2008 debut single 바보 are included and nine titles more can be found on the new album. Hear the old single recordings on MySpace or check out the band’s official YouTube channel for recent live performances.

September 8:
자보 아일랜드 (Javo Island) - 뜨겁게 하라
Pop band Javo Island will release a new single, 뜨겁게 하라, this Thursday. Counting three tracks in total, the single will include an acoustic version of 애인없어요, a song originally featured on last year’s digital full length album To The Island.

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