Books from The Koxx, Oh Ji Eun

THE KOXX - ’아이돌’을 꿈꾸는 몽상가들오지은 - 홋카이도 보통 열차
On a whim I decided to see what happened to those Happy Robot artist musician books announced beginning of the summer. Turns out book number one on The Koxx – ’아이돌’을 꿈꾸는 몽상가들 – was published on July 25, though we have yet to see any of the others in print.

Although not a musician book, on a related note fellow Happy Robot artist Oh Ji Eun too published a book quite recently last year. It’s a travel book called 홋카이도 보통 열차 and has been out since August 12, 2010. Aladin offers a sneak peek of the book.

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  1. wassereis

    I so have to get that Koxx book *_* eventhough it’s probably doing nothing but standing around *cough*likemyotherkoreanbooks*cough*

    waiting patiently for a Naru version. hurry up!

    but,… didn’t Oh Ji Eun’s came out like last year?

    I totally forgot of these musician books, so thanks for reminding 8D;;; and nice to see Happy Robot’s at yours. *fails*


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