라온제나 - 북태평양고기압
Last week I was asked by an anonymous commenter about more information on RaOnJaeNa. Turns out that the acoustic pop duo had released a digital single called 북태평양고기압 on August 26 – check out the music video here.

I had failed to take notice of the name before, but apparently members Park Rae Won and Lee Sung Ho (aka MoMo OppA) did a quick stunt together on audition show Superstar K2. The first single, Funny was released in July 2010 and was followed by digital single 냉방병 – promoted with a music video for 이별을 준비했다 – in October the same year.

If you understand Korean you can find out a lot more about the band through this “Rookie interview” from Green Plugged.

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