Weekend Viewing and a bit of reading

A few items of interest to keep you entertained over the weekend, starting with an activity for those that happen to be in Seoul tomorrow:

On September 3 time has come for the third instance of Nirvana Nights, where Indieful ROK’s favorite bellydancer Eshe, her student troupes, and special guests will perform an hour long bellydance drama called La Mer to music from another Indieful ROK favorite, Jelly Boy. Korea Gig Guide has talked to both Eshe and Jelly Boy in preparation for the event: Shimmying to Jellyboy

Arirang TV’s Kpopulous segment continues that this week featured Monni. Among other things, we get to learn about the sad story behind my own favorite Monni song, the Muse reminiscent 소나기: [Kpopulous] Monni – Forever In My Heart, 몽니 – 언제까지 내 맘속에서

The Creator's Project: byul.org
The Creator’s Project has made a video interview with byul.org from which there are interesting things to learn about how the group came together and what they’re actually doing: Byul.org. The interview post was soon followed by a Creator’s Project blog post including some additional video: South Korea’s Byul.org Will Do Just About Anything For Money

On a related note, Burnt Toast Vinyl have printed up inserts for the upcoming byul.org 2LP with vinyls expected to arrive from the factory in the next week or two.

Indie To Go
Many Indieful ROK readers will already be familiar with the goodness that is offered by Indie To Go, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of them every now and then. Here comes a recommendation from Couch Kimchi: Music Goodie: Clover ft. Sorri on Indie To Go

Naver On Stage
Another source offering consistently good videos is Naver On Stage. This week I found some of the videos blocked for viewers outside of Korea so here are a couple of links straight from video makers Studio Lovo instead:
– The Earip and Hawaaii Naver On Stage session a couple of weeks ago was lovely: 이아립 (2011.08.18)
– Also check out the one with Huckleberry Finn from last week: 허클베리핀 (2011.08.25)
– And in case it’ll keep working for another while, here’s the most recent On Stage presentation, featuring Sogyumo Acacia Band: 41st (2011.09.01) Life is Noise, 소규모아카시아밴드

Moving on to something more to actually read, via Korean rock is real here’s yet another article in Korea Herald’s indie artist interview series: Rocker Yi Sung-yol ‘runs to stand still’.

And there are some excerpts from a recent Jaurim interview in this allkpop article: Jaurim talks about the MOGEF banning controversy.

2011 지산 밸리 록 페스티벌
Via Korean rock is real, here is an account from Rachel & Terry’s Adventures on this year’s Jisan festival, including a bit on Kingston Rudieska: Jisan Valley Rock Festival

Some unfortunate news surfaced a couple of days ago as it became known that neither Mnet nor Soribada had secured the rights to sell music outside of Korea, rendering their operations illegal. With few other options available it seems international fans may soon be left
– allkpop: Soribada and Mnet illegally distributes K-POP?
– Bump This: News: MNET & SORIBADA Illegally Distribute Music Abroad

On a happier note, Billboard has launched a new chart called Korea K-Pop Hot 100. Korean rock is real has found some entries on the indie/rock side: Billboard decided to create k-pop chart

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