Past releases: July-August

Some noteworthy releases from the last couple of months that I for some reason never got around to writing about sooner:

무드살롱 - Mood Salon 1st EP타미식스 - Stance슬로(SLO) - SLO First Digital Single
Jazz pop band Mood Salon is fronted by female vocalist RingoJay and lead by former Kingston Rudieska bassist Hum Park. The ensemble released Mood Salon 1st EP on August 10 and performances of all songs included can be found on YouTube: 안녕; 날 것 같아; 애고지정; 민들레꽃.

Releasing nothing since the first full length album Flicker of Hope in 2007, Tommy Six surprised with the release of new digital album Stance on August 16. Turns out bassist Kim Jong Eun doubles as a member of Kwon Milk & The Greatest Voyage nowadays.

It also turned out that Tommy Six guitarist and vocalist Slo has a solo project with the First Digital Single released on August 4. More in the indie rock category it seems, though I have yet to hear the tiniest bit of it myself.

시조새 - 사랑의 횡령크림 - Free-sm
Korean rock is real drew my attention towards catchy rock band Sizose‘s return with digital single 사랑의 횡령 on July 28. The trio recently auditioned with both songs from the single for this year’s edition of Ssamzie Sound Festival: 사랑의 횡령 & 바보.

Jeonju based modern rock band Cryim followed 2009 digital single I’m Cry with digital single Free-sm on July 14. It would seem the band still has issues with the name being mispronounced as “[cri: m]” is once again printed on the cover.

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