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디어 클라우드 (Dear Cloud) - Take The Air
As noted earlier, Dear Cloud released their new EP, Take The Air, on August 5. McRoth’s Residence has a review: [Review] Take The Air EP by Dear Cloud. The CD edition of the album will be out on August 11.

롤러 코스터 (Roller Coaster) - Ride On Live브로콜리 너마저 - 잔인한 사월 (2nd Demo)
refresh_daemon has had a listen to acid jazz trio Roller Coaster‘s 2002 live album: Inbox: Roller Coaster – Ride on Live

And a couple of weeks ago he posted a review of the second demo from Broccoli, you to?: Inbox: 브로콜리 너마저 – 잔인한 사월. As he mentions, the CD sold out quickly when it first became available (I only spotted it a week after release and by then it was already too late) so it was reprinted in time for a re-release on April 22 this year – exactly one year after it first came out.

레이니데이피플 (Rainy Day People ) - Rainy Day People 1.1뉴뉴 (New New) - Instant Gallery (EP)
Male guitarist/vocalist duo Rainy Day People had its first mini album, Rainy Day People 1.1, released on June 29. Chris Park had a listen for wakesidevision: 레이니 데이 피플 (Rainy Day People) – Rainy Day People 1.1 Review.

Electronica project NewNew released debut EP Instant Gallery – a pop-art music collage in shibuya-kei style with some rap on top, if I read the album info right – on June 23. Chris Park has had a listen to that one as well: 뉴뉴 – Instant Gallery Review. Hyang Music has samples if you want to try a bit of it yourself.

아침 1집 - Hunch친절한 밴드 - I Am A Genius시조새 - 너 얼굴이 왜그래?
On June 3 indie rock quartet Achime followed last year’s single debut with first full length album Hunch. Save for 딱 중간 all songs from the single, including its infectious title track 거짓말꽃, can be found on the new album that was launched alongside a music video for new track 맞은편 미래. Chris Park has shared his thoughts on this album as well: Achime – Hunch Review

Girl rock act unKind Band released a mini album called I Am A Genius on June 2, almost exactly a year after the release of debut mini album 친절하게. From what I can tell it’s all digital releases so far, but Chris Park had a listen anyway: 친절한 밴드 (Friendly Band) – I am a genius Review. Check out this video for Toss and Turn, or hear them do an acoustic version of 나는 천재다 on Arirang.

Rock/pop punk trio Sizose had debut EP 너 얼굴이 왜그래? released on July 6. Chris Park saw some talent in them: Archaeopteryx (시조새) – 너 얼굴이 왜그래? Review. Sample main track 손만 잡았네 (I touched her hands only on Vimeo.

월드컵 공식 응원 앨범 (The Shouts Of Reds) [Red Devil's 4th]
Well in time for this summer’s soccer frenzy, April 8 to be exact, a compilation called The Shouts of Reds was released. It featured soccer themed songs from artists such as The Theater No.8 (우리는 이긴다), Kingston Rudieska (대한불패), Burning Hepburn (승리의 노래) and Copy Machine (우리의 한국). Apparently the album was handed out for free at the time, and nudeviking got a copy: Album Review: The Shouts of Reds, United Korea – Various Artists

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