Final EP from Stretching Journey

스트레칭 져니 - 스트레칭 져니 EP
Fun and energetic rock act Stretching Journey went on a bit of a hiatus following the first album as some members headed out of Korea, but a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon some new recordings and learned that the band had recently released Stretching Journey EP. Good news, I thought, but unfortunately this will also be the last EP recorded by Stretching Journey. It’s been out since August 19 and the title is simply 스트레칭 져니 EP.

Check out the EP release video here or have a listen to new track 제목 없음 here. Daehanmindecline has some photos from a live show a couple of months ago, and here are some recent performances from the same venue of the rest of the new EP songs: 정글 져니; 맥아더 건담; 좀비 파티. I have yet to figure out what the cover of this EP actually looks like, but here is some random album art and fan art.

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