Bugs Indie Music Chart w39

New week and new top list from Bugs! I didn’t get any reactions to last week’s top 10 post, so the format remains for another week. Lots of new songs in the top this time!

Bugs Indie TOP10 – September 27, 2009
1. Siamese – 기억에 기억을 더해…
2. Cocore – 유체이탈 [@ club dgbd 090912]
3. Hush Creek – 타임머신
4. Playgirl – 해피매니아 [Beatball MySpace]
5. Julia Hart – 돌아와 [JH MySpace]
6. Telepathy – 넌 마치 UFO [MV]
7. NoisecatAll Together Now
8. Siamese – Runner’s High
9. cheezstereoHello [@ salon badabie 090905]
10. TaruNight Flying

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
29. Cryim – 사랑은 독약처럼
40. Siamese – Last Time
75. Julia Hart – 한국소녀의 겨울 [@ club [ta:] 090201]
90. Sogyumo Acacia Band – 시작된 여행 [@ OBS Culturewars]
97. Under Place – 씨발놈아

See the full top 100 list here.

샴 (Siamese) - Runner's HighDespite having been a duo since 2007, it was not until September 17 that Siamese released the first EP, Runner’s High. The duo’s female member was previously the vocalist of pop/rock act PB’s (remember them?) whereas the guy was a member of alternative/nu metal band Crow during the We Are Crow time. A setup with plenty of potential, and judging from this week’s chart they use it well.

크림 - I'm CryThe Jeonju based Cryim released its first digital single, called either Sweet Pop or I’m Cry (I’m not sure which…), September 22. Apparently many people misread the modern rock act’s name as “crime”, so the actual pronunciation [cri: m] is spelled out on the cover.

언더 플레이스 (Under Place) - 쿠데타의 불씨New hardcore punk act Under Place released its first single, 쿠데타의 불씨, on September 11. Can’t say I understand why – whether out of admiration or mocker – but from Naver it seems like so far they are most popular among FT Island antis.

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