Mighty Coala to album debut in October

마이티 코알라 - 밥마이티 코알라 - 밝고 건강한 아침을 위하여
Indie pop band Mighty Coala released digital single 밥 on September 23. It’s a taste of what’s to come on October 6, when the band’s debut album 밝고 건강한 아침을 위하여 (For Bright And Healthy Mornings) gets a release. Get a feeling for the music of Mighty Coala through these old performances of album songs: 마이티 러브송; 고속도로; 열대야; 매일매일; 서울; 에이프릴. Some demo recordings, also including 도레미파 소녀의 피가 끓는다 are available on MySpace. And for something sweeter, check out this animation set to Let’s Go to Turkey.

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