Upcoming Releases, week 39

A new week is just about to begin. Here’s a couple of the new releases we can look forward to:

September 28:
최수환 (Swann) - Dispersion Temporelle
Swann, guitarist and main songwriter of experimental post-rock/electronic music band Yellow Kitchen, is about to release a solo album, Dispersion Temporelle. Split over an impressive 32 tracks the album offers “Ornamental Accessory Music for the Revenge of the Velvet Gentleman” and personally I’m more than just a little curious to hear what this could be.

September 29:
글렌 체크 (Glen Check) - Au Revoir
Time has come for electronic britpop stayle band Glen Check to follow up first EP Disco Elevator with new EP Au Revoir. Although with a mere to tracks you could easily argue that it’s really a single – in addition to the title track the single also comes with a recording of 60’s Cardin, previously released on the 2011 Jisan Valley Rock Festival compilation.

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