Jaurim’s second apperance on I Am A Singer

As you may recall, Jaurim got to join the fine lineup of singers in MBC’s I Am A Singer (나는 가수다). I’ve been following the show since, but have been doing a poor job at actually writing anything about them afterwards but that’s about to change. I wrote about Jaurim’s first appearance on the show here and below follows my account of the two following episodes for the same elimination round. More on what’s been going on in the current round to follow in a new format tomorrow!

나는 가수다: 경연 7-2. '청중평가단 추천곡'
The second competition part of the seventh round of I Am A Singer aired on August 14, and with that came the release of digital album <나는 가수다> 경연 7-2. ‘청중평가단 추천곡’. As indicated by the title, this time the songs to cover came recommended from the audience.

In the middle episode, aired August 7, a spinning wheel was used to determine which song each artist should perform, and for Jaurim the songs lined up were Kim Chooja‘s 님은 먼 곳에, Kwon Hye Kyeong‘s 동심초, Johnny Lee‘s 뜨거운 안녕, Hyun In‘s 꿈속의 사랑, Yoon Si Nae‘s DJ에게, Jo Duk Bae‘s 그대 내 맘에 들어오면은, and Park Sungsin‘s 한번만 더.

Jaurim ended up with 뜨거운 안녕 and in the episode on the 14th they performed it nicely – it was pretty and sad, but sounded more like one of Kim Yuna‘s solo efforts than an actual Jaurim song. Anyone curious to hear how Jaurim could’ve done with 꿈속의 사랑 can check out this old TV performance. Also spotted in the episode on the 14th was Park Joo WonKMA crossover winner 2010 and Hello Rookie of the year nominee 2009 – that played Spanish guitar behind Kim Bum Soo as he sang Byun Jin Sub‘s 홀로 된다는 것.

To see the performances on the show from Jaurim and others check out the official replay site at Bugs. Click “8월 7일 방송” for the tryout performances, including Jaurim making a special performance of 팬이야, and click 8월 14일 방송” for the actual performances leading up to elimination.

Click to “read more” only if you wish to know the result!

In the episode from the 7th, the singers got to vote for their #1 and #7 following the informal performances they’d all just made in front of their peers. This vote placed Jaurim as #5, but in the actual competition on the 14th Jaurim finished last. Considering Jaurim’s good results in the first half of this round, Yoon Band ended up eliminated from the show.

The winner on the 14th was Lena Park, who had covered Deulgukhwa‘s 그것만이 내세상. It was definitely my favorite performance of the evening too. Although with some weak points (such as just wasting the most significant part instead of using it to its full potential) enthralled the audience with an outstanding performance so powerful that I ended up watching it behind wet eyes.

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