Jaurim’s first apperance on I Am A Singer

나는 가수다 경연 7-1. '내가 부르고 싶은 노래'
As mentioned just before the weekend Jaurim was the newcomer in I Am A Singer (나는 가수다) this week. The first part of the seventh round aired today, July 31, and as such the songs performed were all released today as well on a digital album called <나는 가수다> 경연 7-1. ‘내가 부르고 싶은 노래’.

In this episode, people related to the production of the show commented on the pick of Jaurim that since they already had a male rock band with Yoon Band they needed a female rock band as counter part. Kim Yuna, however, stated that whereas YB is rock, Jaurim is pop.

This time around all artists got to pick songs to perform freely, and Jaurim had settled on Song Chang Sik‘s 고래사냥, making what they called a cheerful version out of it. The result was a very Jaurim sounding song better than just about everything on the cover album they put out some years back.

Click to “read more” only if you wish to know the result!

The other artists commented on the charisma showcased by Kim Yuna and it must’ve played way on the 500 people in the audience as well. At the end of it, Jaurim ended up with 22.5% of the votes and consequently won the first part.

YB had taken on Kang San-eh‘s 삐딱하게 and ended up finishing last. Although that’s what I personally expected after seeing the performance (reinforced with every performance following), I cannot escape the thought that perhaps there is not yet room for more than one Korean rock act at a time. I’ll be eagerly awaiting part 2 to get a clue whether this was just a case of good/bad performance on part of the two rock bands or if there is indeed something more behind it.

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  1. Fabien Schneider

    Wow, so awesome !!! 고래사냥 is one of my favorite old kpop song! I remember singing it for cheering at the 고연전 ;) Kim Yuna’s voice sounds like always improving.

  2. refresh_daemon

    I think that there’s room for two bands on the show personally, just like there’s room for five k-ballad singers. That said, if I’m remembering the producer’s preamble to the show correctly, YB, Lena Park and Kim Bumsoo are all set to “retire” at the end of this round, since they made 7 rounds and will be crowned “survivors”. This means that Jaurim will have to carry the rock band torch starting the 8th round.

  3. helikoppter

    Speaking for myself I’d say there’s definitely room for two bands, but my concern is that Jaurim did so well at a time when YB – that obviously has been quite successful previously – did not. I’m not sure how well such events really compare (this was the first I saw of this show, actually) but out of what I’ve seen from various Eurovision Song Contest qualifications and similar shows in Sweden it seems for some types of acts there are only so many fans to go around that those acts only really compete against each other.

    I saw something about the 7 rounds and out thing on allkpop some time ago – since I’ll likely be following the show from now on I’m very curious to see who will come in next.

  4. refresh_daemon

    Well, one thing that does give me hope for two bands surviving on the show is that voters are asked to choose their top three picks for the night (unranked), which means that rock band fans can pick both Jaurim and YB (and pick their favorite balladeer as well). =)

    I did hear that Bobby Kim will be one of the new group. He’s an excellent soul singer (and used to be a decent rapper too), even if he’s not as high profile as Kim Bumsoo (and especially not as well known as Kim Johan), so I’m looking forward to what he adds.

  5. helikoppter

    Aha, then all is well :) (Still very new to everything around it)

    Bobby Kim will be interesting. Learned today that Insooni will be there too (even more interesting!), and then some guy called Yoon Min Soo from Vibe that I’m not at all familiar with.


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