Upcoming releases, week 34

With vacation time over so much new music came out last week, but before having a look at that here’s what we have to expect from the current week:

August 23:
고고 스타 (Gogo Star) 2집 - Black Comedy네미시스 (Nemesis) - Piano
Disco rock band GoGo Star is back with second full length album Black Comedy. It includes 성난 인형극 from last year’s single with the same name as well as eleven tracks more. Check out the music video for 쇼윈도 here.

It seems visual rock act Nemesis is about to come back with a third full length album, with the first part – EP Piano – released this week. As the title implies there’s quite a bit of focus on the piano which, with all members being fans, is as important as it is to Muse EVE, or just Kim Se Heon, is featured on a song called 악플.

머드스키퍼 (Mudskipper) - Mudskipper In Korea Part II
Jazz rock fusion band Mudskipper is just about to follow the 2009 debut bass album Mudskipper In Korea with new album Mudskipper in Korea part 2. Making it all the more interesting it includes special guest tracks from Free Venture and Sunmark. Learn more on Mudskipper through Arirang Radio’s Musician Search.

Soul Park started out as a solo home recording project in 2008, but in 2009 Park Yong Hee was joined by W&Whale session player and Witches drummer Kwon Yeong Hoon. The duo participated on last year’s 야간활동 compilation and very soon more from them can be heard on their first own release, A Stroll in The Park.

August 25:
구남과여라이딩스텔라 2집 - 우정모텔스윗 리벤지 (Sweet Revenge) - Rule Breaker럭스 (Rux) - 더러운 양아치
Already four year’s since the album debut Goonamguayeoridingstella is finally ready to bring the world its second full length effort, 우정모텔. Not having ceased performances however, the duo’s original electronic/folk rock blend can be widely sampled through YouTube. Here are some songs included on the new album: 건강하고 긴 삶; 남쪽으로 간다; 본격적인 마음; 아침의 빛; 감기망상; 프라블럼.

Pop/rock band Sweet Revenge is back with a new mini album, Rule Breaker, and this time around the girls didn’t have to release it themselves. The producer of the mini album, Kim Sung Soo, has previously worked with big names such as Lee Juck and Kim Dong Ryul as well as Mongoose and The Koxx whereas the mastering of it has been done by none other than Ted Jensen of New York’s Sterling Sound – previously working with really big names such as Santana, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, and Norah Jones.

Two year’s since the last full length album one of Korea’s foremost punk bands, Rux, will release 3.5 new single 5000 Years of Hallucinations (also going by 더러운 양아치). Check out the music video for 아직 새로운 here

과매기 - This Is Not Hardcore이슈타르 (Ishtar) - Conquest
After years of delays, Busan “extreme music” band Gwamaegi will finally release the official debut album through GMC Records. Although a hardcorde band, the album title is This Is Not Hardcore and the members all claim influences from crust, grindcore, death metal, and punk. Here’s a recent performance at Busan’s Club Realize – a club owned by the band’s vocalist.

Inspired by the symphonic metal of Europe, Ishtar is soon back with a new album, Conquest. See a recent performance of new album track All of Us here.

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